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This project is funded by a philanthropic donation and a grant from the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation; because of this, we have had success in getting miscellaneous fees waived such as overhead costs and some IDS fees. We are also willing to provide the statement of philanthropic intent signed by the donor if documentation is required in order to waive fees.

No. See details on funding under What is the origin of funding for this study?

Yes, we have obtained FDA approval.

BWH will provide the supplies associated with blood, urine, and stool collection

Samples will be stored at your site and then batch shipped to BWH for processing. BWH will be responsible for the associated shipping fees. Your site would need to be responsible for freezing the samples in between shipments.

Yes, we will provide pre-paid shipping labels (FEDEx) once sites are ready for bulk shipment of samples.

Yes, the study is on the site. The information will be updated once we have IRB approval of the previously discussed modifications. The NCT number is NCT0425906.

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